Witches – Junior Production

Witches? Really, witches? You mean broomstick riding, black hat wearing, magic wand toting witches? What a load of nonsense! No such thing! Now, are you sure ……….? The cast of this year’s Junior Production would beg to differ. Working on this year’s production was a hoot and my talented young actors were willing to do all the silly things asked of them and even came up with some of their own. From cross-dressing, to wearing daft wigs, from pretending to be a chicken to having blue teeth, nothing has been too much for them. That was the beauty of Dahl – he loved all that is silly and all that is dark. His genius was in seeing the darkness in the silliness and vice versa. We hope that we went some way to honouring this in our show.

At the very least, we hope you now look differently at that lady waiting at the bus stop tomorrow morning, or the one standing in front of you at the Post Office. Is she wearing gloves? Does she seem to bescratching her head just a little too much? Say “Good day” to her and get her to smile at you. Go on, we dare you!!!

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